One-on-One Lessons

Lingerie Design & Pattern Making

Personalised one-on-one lessons

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you just like to perfect some of your skills, I can work with you to create a series of lessons that are tailored to your needs. I’ll put all my knowledge at your fingertips!

How it works

The lessons are held via Zoom or Meet, at a time that works for both of us. The lesson plan is completely customizable, but I’ve added below some suggested topics to get started. The order and content of the lessons can be mixed and matched as you like, though I can make recommendations based on your needs and previous knowledge.

I’ve been teaching lingerie making courses both online and in-person for the past few years, and I can honestly say that I’ve loved every minute of it. I’m immensely proud of my students and I always feel so honoured to have been a part of their learning journey!

Ready to start?

Send me an email or book an introductory call with me so we can speak more about the lessons, the schedule and the different payment options. I can’t wait to start learning together!

Lingerie Making Course – Suggested Lessons

Pattern Making for Lingerie

Basic Panty Block

We’ll draft the basic panty & thong pattern using your measurements and learn to calculate the stretch percentage of our fabrics.

Basic Bralette Block

We’ll learn how bra sizes work so that we can draft the bralette pattern and some simple variations.

Basic Underwired Bra Block

We’ll do a quick overview of bra sizing and underwire systems, and we will draft the underwired bra pattern.

Underwired Bra Variations

We’ll draft some new variations transforming our basic bra block, and change the seaming on the cup to create new shapes and support levels.

Other Lingerie Garments

We can draft other lingerie garments, such as bodysuits, garter belts, bustiers, etc.

Other Lingerie Classes

Grading for Lingerie Garments

We’ll review different grading systems for panties, bras and bralettes, and discuss grading solutions for more complex patterns.

Lingerie Sewing Techniques

We’ll cover underwear construction from start to finish, including specific techniques such as attaching elastics, underwires, etc.

Lingerie Fitting Problems

We’ll go over the most common fitting problems for bras and underwear and how to fix them.

Creating a Lingerie Collection: From Idea to Design

We’ll talk about how to plan and design a lingerie collection from a creative and commercial standpoint.

Creating a Lingerie Collection: From Design to production

We’ll do a deep dive into what goes into getting your collection to the market, including technical design (tech packs), sourcing, finding manufacturers, etc.

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