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Learn Lingerie Pattern
Making in Clo3D

What you’ll learn

Draft your own professional underwear patterns

In this course, you’ll master the pattern-drafting tools in Clo3D while learning the secrets of creating well-fitting panty patterns.

This course is for you if:

You’re new to pattern making: all the drafting techniques in the course are explained from scratch, so you’ll be able to build your knowledge from the ground up.
You’re experienced in traditional drafting, but want to level up digitally: I’ll show you how Clo3D can speed up your process so you’ll be able to draft more accurate patterns in less time. You’ll also learn to create printable patterns for your own use or to sell.
You want a way to make your design ideas come to life: in this course, you’ll see how Clo3D can complement your design skills, allowing you to visually experiment and make creative decisions.
About the course

What’s inside?

Welcome to Lingerie Pattern Making in Clo3D!

Welcome! – 3min

Course overview & additional resources

1. Getting to know Clo3D

Understanding the layout – 3min

Customizing the settings – 3min

CM to INCH – Easy conversions for drafting

The Property Editor and the 2D window – 3min

Essential Drafting tools – 6min

Essential Drafting Tools – Cheatsheet

2. Taking measurements

Taking measurements on a person – 2min

Measuring the avatar in Clo – 7min

How to calculate the stretch percentage of fabrics – 3min

PDF – Taking measurements and setting up the formulas

Setting up the formulas – 4min

3. Drafting the panty pattern

Drafting the basic panty – Step by step

Drafting the front – 7min

Drafting the back – 6min

Drafting the crotch piece – 5min

Adapting the patterns to a different stretch percentage – 4min

4. Fitting the panty

Preparing the pattern for a 3D mockup – 5min

Placing the patterns on the avatar – 6min

Using Fit Maps in Clo – 4min

Fitting: Adjusting the crotch width and length – 5min

Fitting: Adjusting the rise – 5min

Fitting with Soft Body Avatars – 6min

Using the Elastic Property preset – 7min

5. Basic pattern modifications

Changing the waistline – 7min

Creating different legline shapes – 6min

Changing the back coverage – 5min

Adding new seamlines and merging pieces – 5min

6. Preparing our patterns for printing

Adding seam allowances and pattern information – 7min

Checking seam lengths and adding grainlines – 5min

Adding notches and on-fold marks – 3min

Exporting to different formats: DXF and PDF – 6min

Preparing the patterns to be used in Illustrator – 4min

Print template A4-US Letter

Creating a printable PDF pattern – 9min

Estimating fabric length: the Print Layout in Clo – 4min

7. Importing & Digitizing external patterns

Importing DXF patterns – 6min

Importing Illustrator files – 2min

Importing PDF files – 2min

Digitizing hand-drafted patterns & tracing from an image – 6min

BONUS PROJECT: Low waist panty without side seams

Intro – Low waist brief without side seams – 2min

Project assets

Pattern modifications: Low waist brief – 10min

3D Prototype: Adding elastics – 9min

3D Prototype: Stitch details, fabrics & colors – 6min

Lace placement on the pattern – 3min

3D Prototype: Final details – 6min

BONUS PROJECT: High-waisted thong with keyhole detail

Intro – High Waist Thong – 2min

Project assets

Thong modification – 8min

Checking the seams and Improving the 3D view – 5min

Adding the front piece and the waistband – 6min

Creating the keyhole detail – 5min

3D Prototype: Adding fabrics, topstitching and colors – 8min

3D Prototype: Adding elastics and final details – 11min

BONUS PROJECT: Asymmetric Color-block panty

Intro – Color block panty – 1min

Project assets

Drafting a pattern from a sketch – 10min

Merging pieces & adding fabrics – 4min

3D prototype: Adding elastics – 8min

3D Prototype: topstitching and final details – 4min

5+ hours of video content
Templates, cheatsheets & project assets
Lifetime access

Learn with practical projects

The course includes three complete projects in which you’ll be able to follow along as I walk you through my full workflow from start to finish.

Test your patterns in real life

You’ll be able to export your patterns from Clo3D to Illustrator, and print them at home within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have previous experience in Clo3D or other pattern drafting software?

Not at all! I’ll explain all the basics of pattern drafting and Clo3D from the start, so you don’t need any previous experience. I’ll focus mainly on the pattern drafting side of the software, but I’ll leave additional resources in case you’d like more in-depth knowledge of the full 3D capabilities of the program.

I’m not a professional pattern maker, can I still take the course?

Absolutely! In fact, I find that Clo3D can benefit home sewists in so many ways, as it gives you the ability to test your designs within the software (without wasting any fabric!), and then you can print the patterns on your regular home printer and start sewing. I do this all the time when I make garments for myself!

I already work in the intimate apparel industry, would this course be too basic for me?

You probably have a solid knowledge of pattern drafting already, but with this course you’ll learn to transfer those skills to the software, which will allow you to create more accurate patterns faster. You’ll also benefit from learning the multiple ways in which Clo3D can be used in a production environment to streamline both the design and the fitting process.

Will I be able to get support if I get stuck?

Of course! All the lessons have a comments section where you can ask questions, and I check those regularly to provide answers. I believe in supporting all my students at every step of the way, and making mistakes and asking questions are all parts of the learning process!

If you have any other questions about the course, I’ll be happy to help! Just send me an email at

Are you ready to start your digital pattern-making journey?

Start creating accurate underwear patterns and beautiful 3D designs today!

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Downloadable resources
Practical projects
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Downloadable resources
Practical projects
Captions in all videos
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