Pomi & Seeds

3D Design | Rendering | Animation

About this project

Pomi & Seeds aims to create beautiful lingerie designed for all kinds of body types. With their slow-fashion approach and their commitment to celebrating diversity, they want to be more than just an underwear brand.
For the pre-launch campaign of their first designs, I worked with them to create 3D renders and videos that realistically portrayed their products. This helped their potential customers get a better idea of the final garments, giving them a visual incentive to support the pre-launch of the brand.

The prototypes

From the information contained in the tech packs of the garments, I created the initial prototypes and the final renders:

The Process

The 3D prototypes I developed aimed to show every detail in the most accurate and true-to-life way, so I used a mix of different software and techniques.

The tools

  • CLO 3D was the main software I used to develop the 3D prototypes of Pomi & Seeds designs.
  • Blender was needed to create some elements, like customised hardware.
  • Premiere Pro allowed me to edit the rendered video files.

The results

  • 3D prototypes that allowed for better visualization.
  • High-resolution rendered images showing the details of the garments, which facilitated the presentation of the products to prospective clients.
  • Rendered videos depicting the prototypes from all angles, to be used for presentation and marketing purposes.

Capturing the details

In order to convey the tactile experience of the product to the customers, I paid special attention to the hardware, fabrics and stitching details:

Stitch details

As the renders were to represent a manufactured product, I reproduced all the stitching types used for the construction of the real garment.

Custom hardware

One of the features of the bra was a special strap slider with a hook, which I modelled specifically for this project.

3D as product imagery

The 3D renders and videos were used for promotions on social media and as part of the product images on Pomi & Seed’s website during their pre-order.

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