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About this project

Figiúra is a new brand with an innovative approach to creating perfectly tailored bras for people with breast implants. To achieve accurate manufacturing of their patent-pending bra design, I worked on creating detailed tech packs and 3D renders that faithfully captured their vision.
Given the innovative nature of the garment, the 3D design phase of this project was vital for Jessica (Figiúra’s founder), as it helped both her manufacturers and potential investors to visualise the product.

An idea brought to life

From the initial technical sketches to the final prototype:

The Process

Both the tech packs and the 3D prototypes I developed aimed to show every detail in the most accurate and true-to-life way, so I used a mix of different software and techniques.

The tools

  • CLO 3D was the main software I used to develop the 3D prototypes of Figiúra’s bras.
  • Blender was needed to create some elements, like customised branded hardware.
  • Premiere Pro allowed me to edit the rendered video files and add callouts.
  • Illustrator and Photoshop were used to create graphics and draw the technical sketches on the tech packs.

The results

  • 3D prototypes that allowed for better visualization and easier manufacturing.
  • High-resolution rendered images showing the details of the garments, which facilitated the presentation of the products to manufacturers, investors and Kickstarter supporters.
  • Rendered videos depicting the prototypes from all angles, to be used for presentation and marketing purposes.
  • CADs and Tech Packs that contained all the information needed by the manufacturers.

I have been working with Sofia for over a year now. She has been nothing short of amazing, tackling our patent-pending bra brand head on. Her willingness to communicate in an effective, timely, and honest manner has been appreciated more than I can express. She has consistently gone above and beyond expectations, with her expertise being the best in the business. The quality of her work has proven to provide me with the extraordinarily professional tech packages and 3D renders needed when approaching manufacturers as well as potential brand investors.

I can not say enough about Sofia’s attention to detail and willingness to help you turn your dreams into reality. I would recommend Sofia to anyone and everyone that is in search of a Lingerie Designer with quality experience and knowledge. She is an absolute pleasure to work with!

Jessica Johnson – Founder & CEO of Figiúra

The highlights of the journey

Working for such a revolutionary brand as Figiúra has been a pleasure, and I’ve enjoyed accompanying Jessica through her journey. These are some of the key elements that contributed to the success of this project:

Streamlined manufacturing

The 3D prototypes showed all materials and sewing techniques with real-life accuracy, allowing them to be used as references during manufacturing. This improved way of communicating with the factory led to a quicker production, with a reduced number of samples.

Personalized Approach

Due to the nature of the designs, they required the 3D development of several custom elements, like this engraved clasp.

Kickstarter Campaign

The 3D renders and videos proved to be an extremely versatile asset, as they were also used to showcase the details of the products as part of Figiúra’s Kickstarter page, which led to a successful campaign.

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